Drone Taxi, Flying Taxi

  Mankind is struggling from their ancient times to improve their lifestyle. Lot of new inventions has been done regarding this. This journey is not stopped so for, to keep his travel safe, fast and easy, mankind done lot of work. Horses, vehicles, rail, aeroplanes are some examples. But aeroplane and rail are not available…

Best and Common Foods For Healthy Skin

Everyone wants look younger, healthy with face fresh. Indeed the value of face is much greater than other part of the body to everyone. That’s why people often worry about their skin health and want to maintain their face healthy, glorious, and attractive. Many products are available for skin glowing, beautification, softness, whiteness, and other…

How to reduce aging and look young

                                                        Every year we celebrate our birth day that actually leads to aging. We get old every year when the date returns back on which we are born….

Nokia 3310, I am Back

Nokia 3310 I am Back………… May be your first mobile was N 3310, look not so attractive, snake game, not attractive display, But very good in battery life…….. yes indeed it’s the age of smart phone, bigger screen, lot of installed soft wares in it…but almost every one complaining about their battery life…… oh my god, whats the…


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