Nokia 3310, I am Back

Nokia 3310

I am Back…………

May be your first mobile was N 3310, look not so attractive, snake game, not attractive display, But very good in battery life……..

yes indeed it’s the age of smart phone, bigger screen, lot of installed soft wares in it…but almost every one complaining about their battery life……

oh my god, whats the solution? Data bank?????

Oh it’s not easier for me keeping data bank everywhere. I have to check my facebook, twitter. I can’t be away from my friends even a single minute.

But my battery……….ohhhhhhhhh .  What should i do?

Don’t be worry my dear. Your problem has been noticed. Solution has to come.

have you ever heard the name of N 3310 ????

you might have been heard this name?

Are you thinking about N 3310?

Are you…….?

Yes, we can guess. You are…….. and recalling your 17 years ago memories. So your big problem is near to solve.

N 3310 is coming back with high battery life, colorful display and with a perfect look…..

Why not it be in great look when it is 2017 when a man of 2017 is more smarter, more clever, more dashing, more attractive, 

so why not Nokia 3310 will be so like that……..?????

Why I am coming back   and what are special with me…….?

Because large number of customers complaining against smart phone’s battery life and they want to keep in contact with their loved ones by using internet. As usage of internet consuming much battery and customers got annoyed. i am coming to solve this solution with bringing some special features like Colorful display, attractive look with that same durability, facebook, twitter, internet with plenty of battery timing

What was special in old? Battery and durability

Why to choose?

If you are addicted to facebook, internet, want to consume more time on net and your mobile battery life is weak then Nokia 3310 can be a best choice for you….

Reason of fall of old Nokia 3310?

Answer: Emergence of smart phones 

Whats new….? long and colorful display, long time battery, internet facility, new games, attractive look with multi color, easily to handle….. according to modern age needs.

Attractive Colors :

Silver: most attractive, most fashionable.if your passionate to fashion. Made for you

Green: Great look, if you are nature loving, N-3310 green color can be addition to your taste.

Red: Look awesome. Red color can add something positive to your personality.

Black: as all time favorite.

Yellow: oh my god, a perfect color for fashion loving personalities.

Nokia 3310 new , a symbol of fashion, coming with lot of extras….

now you can say I m fashionable with N-3310….

So by bringing a new N-3310 means starting fashion in a new way….. look smarter , look better……….

However some improvements are still needed

Need improvements ?

Camera should be in high mp…..i.e 5 mp

a very good facebook, twitter softwares should be installed.

game should be perfect…


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